Frequently Asked Questions

We offer 2 convenient ways for our customers to order from us – online or by phone. Please click "Unable to place order?" for complete ordering instructions.

We are an international pharmacy & not bound by your country or local laws. Therefore, we do not require a prescription. We guarantee the delivery of the medications purchased.  If not delivered, you can claim your money back by calling our toll free or direct line and submitting a claim.

US-US Domestic Shipments FAQ(s):

If order is placed for US-US medications, the order will be delivered within 3 – 5 Business days. In most instances it is 3 business days.

It takes 24 business hours to process the order after the transaction has been successfully completed.

Other FAQ(s):

There are some instances under which we require additional forms, documentation or information before we can process an order.
Such as authorization letter along with an ID if your order is for larger quantity. Without the documents mentioned above, we will not be able to arrange the processing of your order.

For orders over $1,000, we may request documents, including, but not limited to: government issued photo ID. Rest assured that the protection of your personal information is a top priority. For information related to our security measures and how we use your documents, please visit our Privacy Policy.

You may send your documents to us by direct upload from your online account with us, by email.
The email address is

Not all products you order will be shipped from Canada or US. We affiliate with several pharmacies and fulfilment centers that ship products to our customers, including those in the India, US, UK, France, Mauritius, Turkey, Canada and more.

No, our affiliate facilities in other countries will ship drugs that they have procured from either their own jurisdiction or other countries, including: the US, UK, Turkey, India, Germany, other European countries, and more. Rest assured that we only affiliate with authorized pharmacies and fulfilment centers that procure products through reputable sources.

Yes, in many cases, it can be. For example, not all drugs sold in retail US and Canadian pharmacies are made in the USA or Canada. Many generics that American and Canadian retail pharmacies sell may be sourced from India, Israel, European Union and possibly other countries as well. Even for many brand name drugs, while the manufacturer of the drug may be an American or European company, for a variety of reasons, the drug itself may be manufactured outside of the USA or Europe.

Our call center is open Monday to Saturday from 10:30AM to 7:30PM (EST).

We serve customers in numerous countries. The shipping fee and delivery times quoted on our website pertain to orders being shipped to the United States so these may vary for deliveries to other countries. If you reside outside the United States, please contact us by telephone or email for special instructions on order placement, payment options and delivery times.

The shipping charge varies dependent on the quantity and the country you are ordering your product from. Additionally, from time to time, we have specials on certain items for which shipping is free!

After your order is placed and we have received complete order information, it will take approximately 3 business days to process your order and once processed, your order will be shipped.

Before your order is shipped, we need to verify and review your payment, availability of stock and then route the order to the appropriate facility for shipping. The pharmacist at the facility that will ship the order will then perform a second check of your order. After this, your drugs will be picked from a stock room, labeled, checked again by the pharmacist to ensure you are getting the correct drug/dosage and then finally packed for shipping. We do our best to complete all this within 3 business days!

Remember, if we have not received payment for your order, we cannot start the order processing discussed above which will result in a delay in your order being shipped.

We process your orders as soon as possible. However, if your account information is inaccurate or incomplete, this can slow down the order process. Always ensure that you enter your account information accurately and ensure that all the fields are completed when filling in our online forms.

Non-payment/delayed payment can slow down your order as well. Please pay promptly if you are using other modes of payment apart from credit cards to make payment.

If you have placed an order for domestic US to US delivery, it usually takes 3-4 Business days to deliver after the order has been processed.

If you have chosen overseas to US delivery, it usually takes 8-18 business days for the delivery to happen after successfully processing the order.

Special note related to the coronavirus: Under normal circumstances, orders take approximately 3 business days to process and another 8 to 18 business days in transit before they are delivered. But with air transport scaled back due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is a small chance of a delay with the postal system in delivering your order. Current delivery times average between two to four weeks from the date of shipping. Though nearly all orders arrive within two weeks to four weeks, in very rare cases they may exceed five weeks and we appreciate your patience in the unlikely event this should occur.

Every day millions of parcels coming into the USA have to clear U.S. Customs and this can take some time. Parcels shipped from within the USA don't have to go through the border control procedures and thus arrive sooner. By shipping your orders from places located outside the USA, you benefit from lower pricing than what American pharmacies charge. We trust the savings is worth the wait!

In rare cases, a shipment can arrive outside the standard delivery time. There are a number of factors outside of our control which can play a role. For example, there can be longer than normal delays at U.S. Customs during busy seasons such as in December and early January due to the large number of packages crossing the border, changes to parcel screening and shipping protocols for security reasons and inclement weather affecting flights carrying international mail.

The first problem with sending orders by courier is that the cost of doing so is very expensive. For most orders, the courier fee alone would exceed $100. We'd still offer that as an option to those who want expedited delivery if we could but the second, and impossible challenge, is that private courier companies refuse to accept prescription drug parcels being shipped from foreign pharmacies to consumers in the United States. It's unfortunate because these prohibitive policies are broadly overreaching and misguided when applied to customers of online pharmacies, like, which help people acquire more affordable maintenance medications.

You can track online the progress of most orders from our

You will receive an email when each item in your order is shipped and the email will state that one or more of the items have been shipped. For all orders in which online tracking is available, you will receive another email with the tracking number as soon as the tracking number has been issued and uploaded to our system. Simply click on the tracking number in the email to track the package online.

Alternatively, you can log in to your account on our website where you will find the tracking number(s) located on the official receipt for your order. Tracking numbers are generally available in your online account five business days after an order has shipped. Simply login to your account, navigate to "Order History" and click on "View Details". Then click on "Click here to view your Order Details" and the receipt should pop up with the tracking number under the description. Click on the tracking number to see the status of the shipment. Please note that to view the Order Details you will need to turn off your pop-up blockers or allow pop-ups because it is shown as a pop-up.

Online tracking is not available for all orders. If online tracking is not available for your order, it will state under "Tracking No:" that no such online tracking is available.

Yes! We will not be undersold!*

For conditions, you may check with us by giving us a ring or mail us at

Yes, absolutely! If you are not completely satisfied with your order, simply return the unopened product within 14 days and receive a full refund. If the product package has been opened, you can still return it. Return the opened product to us within 14 days and we'll apply a credit to your account for 50% of the value of the product. Just call us toll-free at +1-800-220-0281 within 14 days of the receipt of your order and let us know why you are not satisfied. If we cannot make it right, we'll provide you with the return shipping instructions and tell you how to claim your refund or credit.

We will not facilitate the sale or shipping of any schedule I & II drugs.

No, we will not automatically substitute any of your orders without your permission and authorization. If you ordered the brand name product, you will get the brand name product and if you ordered a generic product, you will get the generic product.

If you have previously been purchasing brand name pills from your local pharmacy, but have purchased the generic counterpart through us, the pills you receive will look different. The generic pills will have the same active medicinal ingredient as the brand name, but the color, size and shape of the pills may be different. This is generally due to certain laws that restrict generic manufacturers from producing a pill that looks "exactly" like the brand name counterpart. Additionally, the same brand name pills may also look slightly different in different countries than they do in the US. Two good examples are Nexium and Celexa. In the US, Nexium is available as a purple capsule, yet in Canada, Nexium is available as a light pink tablet. Similarly, in the US, Celexa 20mg is available as a peach colored tablet and internationally, the pill is white and slightly smaller than the US pill. In both examples, the US pill and the international pill contain the same active ingredients and are made by the same drug company. However, perhaps to segregate their markets or for other reasons, the drug company decided to make the Canadian or international pill a different color or different dosage form (i.e. tablet vs capsule). Finally, the same generic drug made by different generic companies may look different as well.

In some cases, drug companies may brand the same drugs under different names in different countries. As such, the product(s) you receive may have a different name than the US name, however, they will contain the exact same medicinal ingredients in the same dosages. A good example of this is the drug Zyrtec. In Canada, Zyrtec is marketed under the brand name of Reactine, even though the same drug company makes both Zyrtec and Reactine and other than the name, there are no differences whatsoever between the two products. Drug companies likely do this to segregate their markets or to discourage consumers from buying from different countries.

Most of the medications come with a 3 years long shelf life.

We may be able to source a drug that is not currently listed on our website. If you don't see the drug you are looking for, please call us at +1-800-220-0281. will only charge the cost of the products ordered and shipping carrier charges (unless the order qualifies for free shipping).

We are unable to process a claim directly with your insurance company.